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George Campus

Unit: Office of the Director: Operations
Staff member: Martin Loubser


Designation: Director: Operations
Highest academic qualifications: LLM
Areas of expertise: Private law
Description of services responsible for: Co-ordination of professional support services
Contact number: Work: 044 801 5097 / E-mail address:

 Unit:  Office of the Director: Operations

Staff member: Rosita Kuschke

Designation: Secretary
Highest academic qualifications: NDip: Occupational Therapy
Description of services responsible for: General administration and secretarial work
Contact number: Work: 044 801 5016 / E-mail address:

 Unit: Campus Health Services

Sr Kock

Staff member: Mietjie M. Kock
Designation: Nurse
Highest academic qualifications: Advanced Diploma in Nursing Management and Community Nursing
Area of expertise: Primary Health
Description of services responsible for: Managing campus health: Clinical consultation and diagnoses; dispense medication for students and staff; occupational health; follow-up, care and support of HIV patients and recording monthly statistics.
Contact number: Work: 044 801 5062 / E-mail address:

Unit:  Student Housing
Staff member: Khululwa Mvango


Designation: Residence Manager, Registered Counsellor
Highest academic qualifications: M. Phil Degree (Stellenbosch University), Post Graduate Diploma In HIV Management ( Stellenbosch University), BA Honours in Psychology (UPE), BA in Social Sciences (Vista University)

Areas of expertise: Counselling, HIV/AIDS, Management 

Contact number: Work:044 801 5034 / E-mail address:

Unit:  Campus Health Services
Staff member: Antoinette Piet

Dave Jenkings

Designation: Counsellor
Highest academic qualifications: Bhons Psychology
Contact number: Work: 044 801 -05125 / E-mail address:

Unit: ICT Services

Staff member: Garth Smit

Garth Smit

Designation: Manager
Area of expertise: Computer hardware, software, networking, audio-visual, internet, telecommunications
Description of services responsible for: Hardware, software, networking, telecommunications, video conferencing, audio-visual, Computer Labs and classroom technology.
E-mail address:

Unit: HEADS & Student Counselling 

HIlde Van Wyk
Staff member: Charles A. Persence
Designation:Senior Student Counsellor (Educational Psychologist)
Highest academic qualifications: M.Ed.(Psych); B.Ed.(Psych); FDE; BA; HDE (Postgrad.)
Area of expertise: Counselling &Therapy; Emotional Intelligence; Career Counselling; Couples Counselling
Description of services responsible for: Supply information, training in electronic databases, and other library related tasks.
Contact number: Work: (044) 801 5051 / E-mail address: 

Unit: Office of the Campus Principal

Staff member: Linda Muller

Linda Muller

Designation: Personal Assistant to the Campus Principal
Highest academic qualifications: Grade 12
Area of expertise: Organising, planning, office management, events and guest relations
Description of services responsible for: Maintain and manage the day to day activities of the Campus Principal’s office.
Contact number: Work: 044 801 5002 / e-mail address:

Unit: Madibaz George Sport Manager
Staff member: Hugo Loubser

Hugo Loubser

Designation: Sport Manager (George Campus)
Highest academic qualifications: BA Physical Education, BA Hon Group Dynamics
Areas of expertise: Event management including tournaments, coaching clinics and community outreach projects and developing partnerships and joint ventures with relevant stakeholders.
Description of services responsible for: Support to all sport clubs on campus, management of sporting facilities and leadership training to sport clubs
Contact number: Work: 044 801 5037; Mobile: 082 575 1826 / E-mail address:

Unit: Academic Administration
Staff member: Magda Eybers

Dave Jenkings

Designation: Academic Administration
Highest academic qualifications: NDip Public Management (PET)
Contact number: Work: 044-801 5566 / E-mail address:

Unit: Financial Aid 
Staff member: Karen Hendricks

Designation: Financial Aid Officer
Contact number: Work: 044-801 5130 / E-mail address:

Staff member: Shan Kieswetter

Shann Kieswetter

Designation: Academic Development Professional
Academic qualifications: TTHD, ACE Computers in Education, BED Honours
Areas of expertise: Education/ Academic literacies/ Academic Development
Writing Centre: Academic writing style, business plans, completing fact sheets, literature reviews, introductions and conclusions, plagiarism, referencing, PowerPoint presentation design, report writing, research proposals, writing an abstract and understanding the question.
Academic Development: CV’s and covering letters, setting and keeping goals, note making, staying motivated, note-taking and summarising, study hints and timetables, time management, avoiding procrastination, stress management, learning styles, reflection, improving concentration, orientation and study timetables.
Description of services responsible for: The main functions of the Writing Centre involve facilitating writing competency amongst students and staff through writing consultations: providing one-to-one writing support, providing on-line writing support and providing writing support to groups of students in workshops. The Writing Centre offers an extensive support system through its folder on the R-Drive. Many documents, giving advice on academic writing, have been posted there. This is available to all students and staff. Consultants work with lecturers to facilitate student acquisition of writing skills in each of their subjects through: workshops and assignment construction and integration.
Contact number: Work: 044 801 5105; Mobile: 082 495 2292 / E-mail address: